About Engel Exhibit

Behind Engel Exhibit you find Joakim Engel. With a cand.scient. in conservation and 17 years experience with exhibitions at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, I deliver a broad pallette of services and skills in relation to the making of exhibitions. I have tried everything from practical, allround handyman in exhibition building, over modelmaking of e.g. dinosaurs, to fundraising, concept development and project management.

I have been project leader on four exhibitions at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen: Spiders (2012), Mammoths (2013), Precious Things (2014) and on a hands-on exhibition environment - The Collection - which has been a huge succes since it opened in 2008.

For 5 years I have also been deeply involved in the planning of a new natural history museum in the heart of Copenhagen. In this context I have made contributions to concept development and fundraising, been technical advicer in the architectural competition, worked closely with the winning architect company Lundgaard & Tranberg on the design of new exhibition spaces and traveled abroad (USA, Great Britain, Germany and France) researching for the coming exhibitions.

I am very knowledgeable on the implementation of 3D-techniques i exhibitions - 3D-printing and CNC-milling of models, animations and 3D-reconstructions of extinct life forms and also 3D-scanning and post-processing of 3D-scannning data. Furthermore I am a board member in the Danish company Scanning.dk.

I am looking forward getting involved in your exciting project!